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Hugs & Kisses 18 MONTH DELUXE Membership $64.95
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Become a Hugs & Kisses premium subscriber today and never miss another show. Plus gain exclusive access to member only content and benefits like:
  • On-Demand, commercial-free access to Warren's weekly radio show
  • Warren's exclusive videos & interviews produced just for you
  • Access to live weekly chats/webinars where you'll be able to get answers to your pet questions
  • A members only forum -- so we can really share stories and advice about our pets
  • Up to 10% off on all store purchases
  • Monthly drawing for pet gift basket
  • Discounts on Warren's courses—holistic pet care, senior dog care, litter box issues etc.
  • Alerts on breaking pet news that could affect your pets, e.g. the pet food recall
Becoming a Hugs & Kisses premium member, is like having me come to your home and personally help you with your pets. So join today. Remember, you'll receive pet advice, save money and have fun all at the same time...

With Hugs & Kisses,
Warren Eckstein
See What Others Are Saying 
  January 27, 2013
By: Kyle H. (Canyon Country, CA)
This product is THE BEST! I rescue pit bulls and chihuahas. I own a Yorkie, Lhasa poo, and a Cairn terrier. All have different hair and temperaments. This is a ONE SIZE FITS ALL product. I swear my 13 year old Yorkie is getting younger by the day! All the dogs' coats are gleaming! Thank you, Warren!
  December 03, 2010
By: Rick R. (BELMONT, NC)
I shop so much on Warren’s website when I saw I could be saving an additional 10% on his products I said sign me up! I ended up saving hundreds of dollars over the past few months plus I even tried products I never bought before because Warren’s product videos helped me understand the proper way to use each one and their benefits. I have been using Hugs & Kisses for years and discovered more benefits just from being a member on his new website!
  December 03, 2010
By: Thomas (NORTH EAST, MD)
I heard Warren talk about the new site but I was not prepared to find so much information. I joined immediately and have been enjoying the videos and message boards more than anything.
  December 02, 2010
By: Kevin O. (LAKE MARY, FL)
Warren’s new website is fantastic! I got more help and answers to my questions about his products through his product videos than I do at the local pet store! I have a kitty who gets itchy and loses so much hair during the summer. I tried to explain this to the employee at the pet store and they didn’t seem to care. When I went to Warren’s online store it was so comforting to be able to pick any product I wanted to get more information on and watch Warren explain the benefits and why you would need to use the particular product. And I save an extra 10% for being a premium member on all of his products! The best way to shop for pet products and get information is on Warren’s website, nothing compares.
  December 02, 2010
By: Rachel W. (WEST BABYLON, NY)
I just started going to College in Michigan and I had to leave my golden retriever, Streeter, at home with my parents. So I bought the monthly membership for my parents because without me there, I felt like they wouldn’t know how to handle my retriever who’s quite rambunctious. So while I’m in my dorm room studying, my parents can watch the videos and read Warren’s blogs that keep them updated on everything pets. I feel much better being so far away at college knowing my parent’s are keeping up with Warren’s website and his tips for the sake my beloved Streeter.
  December 02, 2010
By: Andy (PAHRUMP, NV)
This is a great deal! I already read through Warren's free book and I look forward to exchanging ideas with other cat owners on the message boards.
  December 01, 2010
By: Liz I. (AIKEN, SC)
I use all social network medias and I came across Warren Eckstein’s website through YouTube. I couldn’t believe all of the content. My favorite sections are the articles and the videos where Warren answers pet questions from his listeners. I stream everything online so I podcast Warren’s Pet Show while I browse all of the animal photos and catch up on the latest news. Having a month to month membership gives me the freedom to use the website as much as I want and I actually find myself posting a lot about his website on my Facebook! Thanks to being a Hugs & Kisses subscriber I can tell my friends where to go for the best pet advice.
  December 01, 2010
By: Stan P. (SAN DIEGO, CA)
My wife and I just bought a new puppy and we agreed on buying the deluxe membership so that we could start properly taking care of our new family member. We got our free book and Hugs & Kisses and couldn’t believe how easy it was to understand our new puppy’s behavior. We were concerned about buying the proper treats and other products for our new puppy. We watched the “choosing the right products for your pet” online video and we knew exactly what kind of anti-bacteria fabric bed we wanted and the right food bowl that is made in America and doesn’t have lead in it. We would have never known what products to buy that were safe if it wasn’t for watching Warren’s webinars. Our deluxe monthly membership is probably the smartest thing my wife and I have ever done!
  December 01, 2010
I listen to Warren every Saturday on my porch in beautiful Florida and I didn’t think Warren could get any better! This new website enhances the radio listening because I actually get to see Warren answering questions and give explanations like he does on the radio, but it’s on this great new website that makes it so easy to actually SEE what he means! Plus my yearly membership sends me Hugs & Kisses which is the icing on the cake.
  December 01, 2010
By: Carla P. (Columbus, OH)
I’m not that savvy of an internet person, but when I went to Mr. Eckstein’s new website it was so easy to get the latest tips and tricks for absolutely any topic I could think of. The how to video for the doggie massage was perfect. I love to do Yoga with my Boston Terrier and after we like to relax and seeing how to properly give a pet massage my Boston Terrier wont let our yoga session finish without one! The membership is a fabulous investment.
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